Meet Bob Bonser, a self-proclaimed Deadhead (Loyal Grateful Dead Fan), outdoor enthusiast, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), and real estate investor.

Investing is for all types of people, from many backgrounds and schools of thought. You may find similarities among other investors, or learn something new!

Here Are a Few Tips and Insights from Bob

Q:  Who was your first business mentor? 

A: I was that kid selling lemonade in the street, caroling for tips, raking leaves, and mowing lawns. When I was about 10, an old Italian brick mason–whose entire body looked to be completely composed of leather–said to me “Kid, a lousy business is better than a good job!” His words have stuck with me since.

Q:  When did you start investing in real estate? 

A: I first started with a “How-To” real estate guide back in the 1970s. This guide was packaged within 32 cassette tapes and book that was roughly two inches thick. This era of real estate was saturated with scams and get-rich schemes. You were bombarded with messages of “No Money Down!” “Flips!” “Creative financing!” “Simple, right”.

As time progressed, I eventually found an opportunity to do my first renovation and flip in 1985. I got crushed! With this experience I learned my biggest lesson in real estate. You are going to lose some in order to win some. I lost in that particular investment and gained knowledge in the process.

If I had quit then, I would not be where I am now currently owning about 50 properties. I am creating generational wealth and building a family legacy.

Q: Why do you invest in real estate and not in the stock market?

A: I experienced a mind shift when I realized saving money in my 401k simply wasn’t enough. I am cynical to a fault and believe that everything is a scam ‘til proven otherwise. The stock market has proven me right! I identify real estate as a retirement tool that will generate lifelong income.

Q: I was introduced to Auben ______.

A: It was one evening at Stillwater in downtown Augusta, GA 11 years ago. I was competing in Augusta Ironman that weekend when, unfortunately, I was shut out of the Hilton by a reservation error and couldn’t find a place to stay. I met a random guy at the bar, we spoke, had a beer and hung out for a bit. That stranger offered me and a friend lodging in their home. He was truly empathetic of our situation and showed a true sense of humanity. This person had a profound effect on my life. I still call this person a dear friend, and one of the most honest, loyal, dedicated and hard-working people I know. That person is Tyson Schuetze, the owner of Auben Realty.

Q: If you were to start over_______.

A: I would’ve bought waterfront property in the 1980’s!!!

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