What our clients are saying

Al Stevenson

“As a landlord for over ten years now, I’ve had a hard time coming to grips with needing help managing my properties. After an exhaustive, search I only found one company that treated their managed properties like I treated my own–Auben Realty.”

Marion Stevenson, Real Estate Investor

“The Auben team is very attentive to any request I have had and they take very good care of my renters. They do a thorough background check and screen the potential renters, which puts me at ease that someone I trust is living in my home .”

“Auben is by far the most professional property management company in the area. Prompt notification of service calls are provided via e-mail, and rent payments are mailed out early in the month. Auben Realty has also helped me sell properties, and I was very satisfied with the results.”

Chris West, Real Estate Investor & General Contractor

“The Auben Team has far exceeded my expectations. Their expertise in tenant placement has truly made my investments work for me instead of me working for them!”

“I can’t say enough good things about Auben Realty. They managed a difficult four-plex for me. Since I live out of town, I needed the team to take care of all facets of managing my property. From repairs to billing to renting, Auben Realty did a professional job. Their response time is phenomenal, and they are on top of the details.”

Richard Early

“They are truly a full-service company. Auben Realty advertised the house, interviewed and selected the tenants. They have taken the stress and burden out of owning rental property.”