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Auben offers the ability for an owner to be completely hands-off of the renovation process and know that they are going to get the highest-quality renovations for the most competitive price, completed in a timely manner.

Key Benefits:

  • Custom-Tailored Scopes of  Work  The success of a project is dependent on how thorough the scope of work is. This minimizes the risk of experiencing incurring unplanned expenses and eliminates future maintenances costs.
  • Investment-Focused Model We look for long-term solutions with excetional durability and fuctionality that limit the amount of  repairs on your investments over time. Ultimately, this will produce postive cash flow for your investments.
  • Standardize Pricing Model Due to our strategic partnerships and volume, we are able to negotiate consistent and reasonable pricing. These cost-savings are passed on to you as our clients.
  • Deep Roster of Dependable Contractors We have a deep roster of dependable and proven sub-contractors with a wide range of trades and experiences. This allows our team to handle large or small-scaled projects.

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