Why do you invest in real estate?

We asked a few real estate experts this question, and here are the responses we got:

Gould Hagler

I invest in real estate for the diversification. You always hear financial experts like Jim Kramer talking about diversifying your stock portfolios and owning various companies that do different things. That’s good advice, but you never hear those guys talk about truly diversifying your investments by having a mix. With real, tangible real estate you can buy, sell, or rent these properties to people regardless of what the stock market is doing. Owning real estate in Augusta is a great way to help your financial future. It’s truly finite and will appreciate in value over the long term.

Amanda Brewer

I like investing in real estate because I’m thinking of my own retirement. I want something that is tangible and stable. I am looking for something that I can use to create a financial legacy for my children. You have an opportunity to do that with real estate.

Patrick Jasper

Right now is a great time to invest in real estate. Our local market in the Augusta area is exploding. We’re seeing a huge expansion out of Fort Gordon that’s bringing a ton of new families into the area. With the merger of our academic schools and our medical community, there is a constant influx of new residents moving into Augusta and looking for a new home. As an Augusta property management company, we take pride in the fact that we offer quality housing at affordable prices to great tenants in the area.

If you have any questions about why investing in Augusta is a great idea, please contact us at Auben Realty. We’d be happy to tell you more about the local market and about property management in Augusta.