The Auben Project Management Flow

The Auben Project Management Flow

The PJM process will begin once keys have been received @ the 1918 office by a sales agent, the IAM, REM, or the resident.

Once the keys are received, the following will take place:


A team member confirms “Keys Received” via email with the Project Management Team.


The Project Management Admin will have the utilities transferred into Auben’s name, same day.


The Project Management Admin will add the property to the appropriate Pod Sheet.


The property will be inspected (Scoped) by the Field Inspector within 72 hours (business) and will send the scope to the team.


The contractor will create a bid/estimate which will be sent to the Project Manager, within 48 hours.


After confirming receipt and review, the Project Manager, within 24 hours, alongside the Owner they will determine specific items on the scope to be included in the bid/estimate.


The Project Manager will assign a contractor who is best suited to handle the scope of work, to the project.


The Project Manager will send the “Scope of Work” to the owner, within 24 hours (business) of completion, for approval.


The Project Manager will submit the bid/estimate to the owner for approval, same day.

Construction will begin within 2 weeks of Owner Approval. A 50% down payment will be required to begin the construction process for any project that exceeds $5,000. *Please note, the 2-week time frame is based on Owner approval. Timeframes and completion of projects is highly dependent on owner communication, approval and payment.*