Welcome to Auben! We are excited to partner with you to provide the best management possible for your investment property portfolio and are committed to a pro-active, holistic approach by getting upstream of issues before they occur so we can advise you of your options to correct any issues with enough time to make the best decision for and your asset. The more we know about you and your properties, the more we can grow your returns and help you grow your portfolio.

Please take the time to answer these questions with as much accuracy and thoroughness as possible. If you are unsure of any of the answers, we have a team of agents, inspectors and Investor Account Managers ready to assist. Thanks for your time and attention to this document that we will use a blueprint for operational success in every department in our organization.

We also want to take this opportunity to introduce you to the Auben POD Management System. Our proprietary PODs system of property management was designed with both owners AND residents in mind, and it aims to provide a better experience for both. Happy residents stay longer and cost owners less in property turns. Informed owners who are regularly in contact with their IAM are happier owners. It is the best of all worlds. Check out our quick video below that illustrates the beauty of how The Auben POD works.


If the property is occupied, please complete the following:

If your property is part of an HOA, please complete the following:

Property Design & Type

(Duplex, Triplex, Quad, 6 units, 10 units, amenities if applicable.)



Are pets allowed in your property?

Interior Description

Check all that apply.
(Example: Fireplace #1- First Floor, Wood Burning, Fireplace #2- Basement, Unvented Gas Logs)

System, Appliances & Utilities

Utility Companies


Community Amenities

Home Warranty

Homeowner's Insurance Information

After you have submitted the Property Intake Form above, please verify the following items received are complete:

  1. Residential Leasing & Property Management Agreement (or current lease if there is one in place during property takeover)
  2. Owner/Entity Intake Form
  3. MLS Opt-In Agreement
  4. Property Intake Form (and additional disclosures)
  5. Lead-Based Paint Disclosure and/or Lead-Based Paint Hazards (for properties built prior to 1978)
  6. Signed and completed W-9 (for whomever will be receiving the 1099)
  7. A check made payable to Auben Realty in the amount of $350.00 for your owner’s reserve
  8. A copy of the HOA Rules & Regulations
  9. House keys (two for new tenants, one for Auben Property Mgmt). If property is occupied, provide one key for office use.
  10. Mailbox keys (two keys, if applicable): One will go to the residents, and one will be retained by Auben. If the property is occupied, please provide one key for office use.
  11. Pool/Clubhouse access key (if applicable)
  12. Two working garage remotes (if applicable)
  13. Leave any operational manuals for appliances, security systems, thermostats, etc. in a kitchen drawer.
  14. Warranty/Maintenance Agreements currently in place
  15. Copies of recurring bills you would like paid (ex: lawn service, HOA, etc. We do not pay mortgages.)
  16. Insurance COI (Certificate of Insurance) showing Auben Realty as additional insured. (If your property is located within a jurisdiction that requires rental registration, you will need to apply for that directly.)
  17. Copy of Warranty Deed

If the unit is currently occupied by a tenant, please provide:

  1. Resident’s Application
  2. Resident’s Lease
  3. Resident’s Security Deposit
  4. Resident’s Account Statement
  5. Resident’s Contact Information