Guiding Principles

Integrity and Transparency

We must always operate with highest morals and standards. When we mess up, we own it. No finger

pointing. Correct it, make it right and learn from the mistake. Our intentions must always be clear.

Relationships are based on trust, and our clients must never be given a reason not to trust Auben.



Problems will arise. Our focus should be on a positive resolution. When mistakes happen, learn!

Analyze the situation. Identify what went right, where we went wrong and how to get better. We do

whatever it takes in every situation.

Dedication and Adaptability

Life isn’t always black and white. Sometimes we have to step back, analyze, regroup and attack with

a different plan of action. Our end result should be clearly defined. As the industry/market changes, so

should our approach.

Enthusiastic Leadership

We must strive to be innovators, and not simply followers. Many companies do what we do. We must set Auben ahead of the rest by being the best in the game…leaders in our niche. Have fun! That’s not a suggestion…it is actually mandatory. Be professional, but have a good time while doing it! Our community involvement must always portray our excitement and positive vibes.