2020 has been a tumultuous year, at best, in the property management world.  Many investors, including industry leaders, have experienced a rapidly changing market. Many have also felt the effects of the pandemic disruption in their businesses. This year has been filled with COVID-19, legal policy changes, and operational difficulties.  A number of property managers I have spoken to recently are facing unit loss, partnership issues, burnout, or a desire to retire.

Here at Auben, we are not “making it through” the pandemic, we are THRIVING through these unprecedented times and we hope that you will consider these situations as your opportunity to merge or sell your property management assets to a company who can help them succeed. We would love to have a conversation with you.

Auben Realty, along with our Capital Partner, Conrex, have cash assets available. We are growing and hope to become one of the largest single-family property managers in the region.  We are currently managing in 5 markets spanning the Southeast and are expanding by the day. Our acquisitions include property owners who want to continue on in their property management portfolios as well as those that want to retire or move on to other opportunities.

Are you ready to partner with a company that is growing rapidly in a market and time in history when it would be easy to recede?

Are you interested in reducing your workload and stress related to your investment properties?

Use the calculator below, answer a few quick questions, and we will immediately be in touch to get the the process started!  We make the entire process as simple, easy and pain-free as possible to get you a cash offer quickly. Lose the headaches and find a management company ready willing and able to relieve your worries.